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5 Most Romantic Bali’s Wedding Destinations

Bali is one of most romantic and beautiful island in the world. Not only as a tropic holidays/vacation place, Bali either propose the incredible honeymoon or wedding destination. There have been many people who hold the wedding in Bali, from the officials, celebrities to the expatriates. Actually I’ve been arranging my best friend wedding in 2011, and by hunting the romantic places for her wedding ceremony, I think I need to share it for you. Here are the most amazing recommended destinations in Bali for weddings.

Four Seasons Resort, Jimbaran

Based on my experience by arranging my best friend’s wedding in Bali, Four Season Resort is the most well known as the one of romantic Bali’s wedding destination. Here you will find so many beautiful places which can be explored for the ceremony and wedding party. In one of its Gazebo will be a suitable place to give a sacred promise. You can hold a reception with an elegant atmosphere in one of its Residence Villas. Those villa is surrounded by a garden and a swimming pool in the middle of it. The other place that you could be used as a best spot and place for your wedding ceremony is at Jimbaran Garden. This place has the incredible and beautiful coastal scenery, and it will brings you to the most romantic-eternity wedding ceremony.

Tirtha Uluwatu

Located in Nusa Dua, Tirtha Uluwatu becomes the most favorite wedding destinations Indonesian celebrities. Let’s says Dewi Sandra and Glenn Fredly, Dewi Rezer and Marcellino Lefrandt, and many others. The uniquely of this places is we can find the amazing triangular-shaped chapel surrounded with glass. I promise your wedding ceremony will more exciting religiously eccentric marriage among others. That’s why I prefer to recommended this place for one of your most romantic wedding destination.

Tirta Luhur Uluwatu

Still in Uluwatu area there is one of private villa which completed with the weeding pavilion facilities called Tirtha Luhur. This private villa built on a land area about 3000sqm. With the semi-modern wedding pavilion Tirta Luhur could be your one of reference for romantic and secret wedding ceremony destination in Bali. When you need a nuance of private wedding party this place will fulfill your passion.

Ocean Blue Hotel
Located in Nusa Dua, Ocean Blue Hotel difenately can be your other options to get married in Bali. With a semi-outdoor buildings, will bring the bride and guests to feel the romance atmosphere created by Bluemoon Chapel and Villa. Bluemoon Chapel is suitable for the blessing. Surrounded by lush and tropical weather it would guide you to the most romantic wedding ceremony. At night, the bride may hold a reception at Bluemoon Villa to enjoy a candlelight dinner and romantic blessing honeymoon. You can also arrange your wedding ceremony in a package. At least for a package of nice fully service of wedding packages cost start from ID R 19 million + +.

Karma Kandara Resort
Want to get married on the beach while enjoying the sunset? In Karma Kandara resort your great desire will be realize here. Karma Kandara Resort is built on a cliff with a beautiful view of the Indian Ocean. This resort provides 180-degree views of the spectacular ocean blue for your background of exotic wedding in Bali. This place also become the most favorite places for my best friend to held her wedding. So if you are really want to feel the exco-romantic wedding in Bali this place should be your final choice.

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