The tropical rain forests at Bali extend from the north over the island. In the west they are the most intriguing. In the rainforest trees that grow up in the sky. Bali has more tree and plant species than all of Europe. In the west, in the Bali Barat National Park , you’ll find over 200 species of plants. The giant tropical trees, all kinds of ferns and hundreds of species of wild orchids grow. Some species have a religious and spiritual significance to the people. Certain species of trees are associated with Hinduism . They are used in rituals or in cemeteries.

On the southern slopes of the mountains is very fertile landscape has grown. There are rice fields or rice fields. The soil and climate in Bali is ideal for a wide range of plants. The abundance of cheap labor may be edited every piece of land. Similarly, there are coconut palms, tropical fruit trees, coffee plantations and vineyards. Certain species of flora are only for the cooler and higher areas like the hydrangea flower.

The mountains to the lower temperature also conifers grow. Bali is also rich in flowers. The love of the Balinese flowers to see and smell them everywhere. In the many courtyards, gardens, streets and temples you’ll find all kinds of hibiscus, bougainvillea, jasmine, water lilies, magnolias, frangipani, and a variety of orchids. Just above the center of Bali in the botanical gardens of Bedugul you on 130 acres of 500 species of orchids 700 species of trees and view. But the Balinese themselves do not shun the use of flowers. Dancers wear flowers in their hair and as jewelry.

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